Universe is smarter than we are – Alan Watts

“Our difficulty is that we have lamentable one-track minds in an infinitely many tracked universe. We may have to come to the alarming conclusion that the universe is smarter than we are.” —Alan Watts Alan Watts (1915-73) was an Americanised British and a disseminator of Oriental thinking in the West. In a film shot inContinue reading “Universe is smarter than we are – Alan Watts”

Richard Dawkins and the nuisance of religion

Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist known for launching the concept of meme which can be understood as unit of cultural information spread by imitation, seems to criticise religion and belief because these are based on mass hysteria and the use of fear as a political tool. Science seems to work in another way: science isContinue reading “Richard Dawkins and the nuisance of religion”

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