Chasing the fundamental nature of reality

The power of psychedelics is gaining increasing interest in several fields of science. Some professional philosophers are attracted to the impact of psychedelics on philosophical thinking, particularly on metaphysics, which is the science of the most fundamental questions of knowledge. In the TED speech below Peter Sjöstedt-H digs up the “psychedelic history” of philosophy andContinue reading “Chasing the fundamental nature of reality”

The hard problem

Well, David Chalmers is right. There is a hard problem in science, but the hard problem is not the object of research, but science itself and researchers with their anthropocentric worldviews and attitudes. Arguments about the mystery of consciousness and the “hard problems” associated with it are exaggerated in this presentation below (What is consciousness).Continue reading “The hard problem”

The logic behind psychedelic experiences

Basically, psychedelics can be treated in two different ways. They can be seen as distorting or revealing reality. If they are considered distorting, or as hallucinogens, there is no point in looking for their logic. Substances that distort reality have nothing to do with understanding reality. They should only be studied if they are not considered hallucinogens.Continue reading “The logic behind psychedelic experiences”

The lost cult of Eleusis

Based on decades of research and publications, I dare say that the Eleusinian mysteries in Attica, ancient Greece, were ingeniously designed to counteract the hereditary disorders of the human psyche and to minimize its harmful effects. This incredible mystery cult lasted about a thousand years, until it was banned by the intolerant Roman emperor TheodosiusContinue reading “The lost cult of Eleusis”

Theory of Psychedelic Experience

This needs to be studied! This is a new work from Peter Webster (co-writer in the book The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries,1978), available in Kindle. The presentation of the book: ”KOSMOS presents several arguments, examples, personal experience, and published research to develop the theory that the principal – and perhaps the only importantContinue reading “Theory of Psychedelic Experience”

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