Origin of facial recognition

Pareidolia is the tendency to recognise faces all around us. But what causes it? And where does the phenomenon come from? Science considers facial recognition to be a cognitive bias. It means we therefore tend to emphasise our observations, interpretations, and information received as biased and incorrect. According to the researchers, pareidolia “violates the processesContinue reading “Origin of facial recognition”

The lost cult of Eleusis

Based on decades of research and publications, I dare say that the Eleusinian mysteries in Attica, ancient Greece, were ingeniously designed to counteract the hereditary disorders of the human psyche and to minimize its harmful effects. This incredible mystery cult lasted about a thousand years, until it was banned by the intolerant Roman emperor TheodosiusContinue reading “The lost cult of Eleusis”

Theory of Psychedelic Experience

This needs to be studied! This is a new work from Peter Webster (co-writer in the book The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries,1978), available in Kindle. The presentation of the book: ”KOSMOS presents several arguments, examples, personal experience, and published research to develop the theory that the principal – and perhaps the only importantContinue reading “Theory of Psychedelic Experience”